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Founded by Santa Barbara-born sisters, Margaret and Katherine Kleveland, and a Collective of five women, DÔEN is a women-run business offering collections inspired by a nostalgia for the coastal California of decades past. 

Informed by their years spent in the fashion industry which highlighted the lack of representation of women at the helm of fashion brands and the noticeable absence of an accessible, inviting and beautiful brand that spoke to, empathized with, and listened to the customer, the Kleveland sisters were inspired to create something different. Their personal paths to motherhood shed light on their power as women and their ability to build, nurture, and sustain - all on their own. They channeled this profound confidence to conceptualize a brand their way. The brand would celebrate all women and the bustling, busy, and beautiful lives they live in their clothes, an entity that empowers a leadership that challenges conventional thinking, and establishes an intimate connection with the community who cherish the pieces.

The collections themselves would be a celebration of womanhood, designed with a keen reverence for the landscapes of their youth - grazing oak groves and orchards and looking out on serene, soft hues of the oceans. Meticulously crafted to pass on for generations, the garments evoke a timeless whimsy and an unapologetic femininity. 

With thoughtful determination, Margaret and Katherine brought together a collective of LA-based women-identifying creatives and business leaders, all equity owners, to launch DÔEN with the goal of creating a direct to consumer organization that put the woman first while continually honoring the true partnership of individuals who helped to build it. 

DÔEN launched in 2016, and is a digitally-led, multi-channel brand that connects directly with the community. Stepping away from the traditional wholesale model, and with a desire to create a more emotional connection to online discovery, DÔEN prides itself on an online presence reminiscent of those days wandering through storied marketplaces for one of a kind treasures, a transcendent experience where you can see, smell, feel and hear the brand’s story through romantic imagery and poetic prose. 

In 2020, in line with our commitment to equity across all aspects of the creation process, DÔEN proudly added a new equity partner to our ownership collective: a longtime vendor, and the owners of one of our most forward-thinking, progressive factories. Historically, the unequal distribution of risk and reward between vendors, brands, and retailers has been a major factor in the inequity throughout the fashion ecosystem; in a sharp reversal, this partnership considers our suppliers as integral to our long-term success. This deeply held supplier-brand relationship is a further articulation of our mission: The partnership empowers women in our supply chain with ownership; values craft and people by joining forces rather than replicating an extractive, exploitative relationship; and encourages long-term thinking. Directly related to our mission of creating lasting collections, our partnership is based on values alignment, as expressed by the emphasis on the responsible use of resources, fair and equitable treatment of people throughout the value chain, and responsible growth.

DÔEN exists to honor the bond between women, our friends, peers, and those who choose to live their lives in our creations. Each collection is designed to accentuate the beauty of both the simplest and the most transformative moments of life, and offer an empowering and approachable option for our community -- for years to come.