It’s all about that NEW NEW this year!

We wanted to give 2023 a second to begin, so we could see what we are working with...

New year. New starts. New trends, New restaurants, habits, & brands. We’re all for being in the know on the latest things going on around us... in the fashion world & in our city. We’ve gathered all sorts of "new" for you to check out & be a part of as we enter in to a new year.

 Fresh Fashion

We just started buying for Summer 2023... so we have a pretty good idea of what trends will be popping up, and we wanted to keep you guys in the loop on a few things we have been seeing...

1. Draped Dressing 

Sexy, but classic and seductively cool. Slinky, draped dresses and skirts.

On the runway we saw a lot of it in Saint Laurant's Spring 2023 show...

Norma Kamali does an amazing job, and we will continue to get this look from her, but we saw it in other designers showings as well. Surprisingly... Ulla did this black slinky, and draped maxi skirt that will be coming in this spring, let me tell you... its TO DIE FOR!

In Now...


Ulla Johnson Skirt...arriving IN BLACK sometime between May and June...


2. Sheer, Sheer, and more Sheer

Not since college have I been this excited about anything SHEER! 

Yes! it's has been showing up all over the runway, but we are seeing it continue into spring, and transition into more than just the sheer dress. Vogue gave us some insight into this trend...

“These silhouettes, created in sheers that emulate ‘nakedness,’ strip down the volume of their co-trend and instead promote a presence that a woman's body is her own and not to be ignored,” “She will make it seen and acknowledged in a fashion-forward response to the socio-political environment of the times. In these silhouettes, net fabrics and chiffons are most present.” 

We will play with this trend, but of course In a more mild way. Feel Free to wear shape wear, slips, bras, underwear, or whatever you would like under your sheer pieces...or don't! That's what is so fun about fashion. They will add some texture and life to any outfit. 

Here are a couple runway looks, so you can get a visual...



You know what they say... What goes up, must come down. 


We're putting less emphasis on the micro minis, the hem lengths are coming back down!

We are seeing a ton of maxi skirts. Denim, leather, sheer, and cotton, or even a mixed media. Long dresses are still very much a hot item. 

4. The 90's & 00's Nostalgia continues!


We are seeing a lot of grunge...again. Where did I put those Docs? 

Although this time the grunge is a bit more "romantic"...Did you ever think you would see those words together? Romantic...grunge? Holy Kurt & Courtney...

Lots of leather, moto looks, denim, and everyday pieces, but elevated. 

Ballet style, think ribbons,  a silk slip skirt paired with a bodysuit, a bustier-cut tulle dress over a thin, knit sweater, or a lace wrap-top worn with your favorite trousers. Play with heavily feminine fabrications and soft colors, mixed with must-have ballerina black, and add in classic details like simple flats, thin headbands, and sheer tights

Ballet flats... yes apparently we are doing this again...

TONS OF CARGO Pants ! Reminiscent of the early 2000's...we're told they have better fits now... but we will see! They are more tailored, coming in way more than denim, green, or khaki. We are seeing them in all fabrications, and mostly they are more tailored than before. 

METALLICS: specifically silver! Accessories, Footwear, jackets, even swim... I think its here to stay for a while. 

5. "The Vanilla girl"

 You know, vanilla gets a bad wrap. It's not boring...it's classic, and feminine! 

This "aesthetic" is making its rounds, and we don't see it slowing down any time soon. This is a Hailey Bieber-esque, romantic, and soft look that we see budding on social media right now. 

Lot's of creams, beige, ivory, white, light tan, and maybe a hint of dove grey. Sherpa details perhaps.

This girl has a 10 step skin care routine, probably drinks an oat milk latte in the morning, all white bedding, loves a cream cardigan and a white button up. Get the vibe?

She's not wearing anything too trendy, and always looks put together...

Here is a sampling of the "vanilla girl" aesthetic we have in store now... 


Rails Ivory Berlin


APPARIS cardigan in Latte


New Rosie Jane Perfume: Dulce (Vanilla & hinoki musk)

APPARIS Faux Fur Blanket in Latte (Softest thing we have ever felt, Like cuddling with a cloud)






We’re so thrilled to welcome this vegan brand that offers high quality products based out of New York. They aim to bring forth a lifestyle that builds itself upon an ethically fashioned forward thinking. Their pieces are made to become staples in your wardrobe & designed to last for years to come with their timeless aesthetic. They’re the perfect addition to elevate your everyday wear.

Founders Lauren Nouchi and Amélie Brick wanted to make a vegan fashion brand that still looked and felt high-end.



Come check out the bold pieces of theirs that we’re carrying & let us help style you!


Our Top Picks:

1. The Reversible Tilly Coat (2 jackets in 1)


side 2

2. The Bucket Hat 



THE NEW NEW in Reno...

We’re so lucky to have restaurants & cool spaces constantly popping up in our small town that often feels big! It makes for great weekend adventures & additions to date night when the dreamers & designers of our city come together to create something NEW!


Check out the latest to come on the scene…

 Reno Public Market



One of Reno’s oldest malls got a face lift & is now the Reno Public Market, home to Honeybar, VS Churro Bar, Main Vein Coffee, Burger NV, Morning Glory Juice & so many other local food vendors. They also have a makers market called the Wyld Market where you can find goods from local artists with items like pottery, leather goods, & home décor all with unique designs. Another storefront can be found there called, Coalition Snow that sells skis & snowboards as well as gifts & apparel. Come check out the spacious & aesthetically pleasing industrial spot that is two stories, wide open, & basically a hipster food court you could only dream of (until now). Be on the lookout for the events, pop-up shops, & live music they’ll be offering!

RPM Hours:

 M + W + TH – 11AM - 10PM

F + SAT. – 11AM - 11PM

SUN. – 11AM - 8PM



Brought to you by creators of the beloved Reno favorite, Perren Bakery, comes it’s sister restaurant Claio that is a Greek-inspired rotisserie that serves up some of the juiciest chicken & crispiest potatoes we have ever laid eyes on! They have done everything right. From the design of their space, to the flavors they dish out on the menu, to even their pink adorned bathrooms. They know what they’re doing & truly can do no wrong. They have a crafted cocktail menu & an amazing sampling of Greek-ish food that is TO DIE!

The vibe is super fun inside...they play great music from a turn table behind the bar, 



Our fave detail: the takeaway window which is an actual window that you can walk up to & grab your food to take home!

We gave It a try... in our opinion these items are a MUST order

1. The Italicus Spritz...

Italicus, Prosecco, Lemon, Olives

(Italicus is a Rosolio, an Italian liqueur made with rose petals) It's my absolute favorite. 

2. CRISPY CHICKEN SCHMALTZ POTATOES - Oregano, Chicken Schmaltz. Served with Toum

3. The housemade Harissa hot sauce... a literal dream 

4. The House made griddled Pita... possibly the best pita i've ever had in my life, of course paired with the best hummus i've ever had.  

 Rotisserie Hours:

 TH-M: 5pm-9pm For Dinner

*Opening for Lunch Starting

On 2/2 From 11am-3pm 



Current obsessions:

Athletic Greens:

Let's face it...we can all use some more greens in our lives. Athletic Greens are a green powder you mix into some water first thing in the morning to absorb some awesome nutrients. This is what their website says about them: 

Fill nutrient gaps, promote gut health, and support whole-body vitality with AG1. One daily serving delivers a powerful blend of 9 health products—a multivitamin, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens and more—working together to help you feel like your healthiest self. That’s Foundational Nutrition, made a lot simpler.

We have done some research on these green powders... and AG1 seems to have the cleanest ingredients and the most nutrients... the taste isn't even offensive! 


Milk Lask & Brow Serum:

natural lash serum that helps condition and nourish for longer-looking, fuller-looking lashes and brows.

This lash + brow serum is vegan, clean, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, prostaglandin-free, and ophthalmologist-tested.

I have been using this for just under a month, and I think it is pure magic!


 Josie Maran 


We are obsessed with this product. It is not often you find a clean product with retinol. It's perfect for this DRY & COLD winter we are having. 


From their website...

Pro-Retinol, Now For Your Body. Our super juicy body butter, now with Pro-Retinol, for your most hydrated, smoothest, and firmest skin all over. Nourish, smooth and firm skin with the most gentle form of retinol. This air-whipped cream is the same hydrating, 100% Pure Argan Oil-powered body butter you love, taken to the next level with 100% non-irritating and safe Pro-Retinol derived from pink algae. It’s a total care body cream that firms fine lines, smooths uneven texture, and reveals your healthiest skin yet.


Our Weekend Plans...

It's been a crazy long week... all we want to do is curl up in our Aviator sweats on the couch and watch Netflix with some popped corn. and a glass of wine...the Olivia Pope diet! 

We are planning on watching the new Netflix movie,..

"You People" It's a romantic comedy written by Jonah Hill. It is about the awkwardness of meeting the parents of your new partner... especially when you come from different cultural backgrounds. 

We are also giving this popped corn seasoning a try...

salty, sweet, cheesy, spicy... up tp you!

La Quercia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Our go to bottle of wine at the moment. You can find it pretty much anywhere, I know for sure it is available at: Raley's, Smith's, Whole Foods, Total Wine, and of course our local favorite, Whispering Vine. It usually is $16 or under!



A new era has arrived & we’re ready to see where it takes us. In 12 lunar phases we’ll be excited to see what wild ride it has taken us on. Life is short & it’s unpredictable. So be sure to try new things, go to new places, head out on new adventures, be bold & daring enough to dream new dreams, & seek out new opportunities. New is exciting. Embrace it.

-Concepts in the Wild


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